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Reinforce your corporate brand and capture the attention of your customers with stunning logo floor mats.

Our products make a great addition to add visual appeal to your office or shop, while expressing a simple welcome to your customers. Whether you place them on your lobby or set them as décor for your entryway, our mats will help improve your business image and provide a safe cover for your flooring.

We use high-standard tools to replicate your logo down to the last detail.
Designed for longevity and performance, our products are made of durable rubber and high quality textile to ensure they can withstand extreme wear and foot traffic. Our products are also available in a range of sizes to suit your space and create an eye-catching finish.

Printing Solutions

Vinyl coil floor mats are created by hand, their logo is cut and inlaid by hand in an impressive range of bright colors that make the logo stand out. It comes with a beveled edge that makes it easy to roll things onto the carpet or a flat edge depending on your needs.

Printing Solutions

Inlay Coco Logo Mats are heavy-duty logo mats, well suited for high- traffic locations. The coarse, dense surface on these custom coco mats works hard to scrape shoes to remove dirt, debris, and moisture

• The logo design is inlaid into the base mat, similar to a jigsaw puzzle, which produces a highly customizable product with superior clarity.

• Inlay Coco Logo Mats can be manufactured in custom sizes up to 79″ wide and virtually any length.

• Coco logo mats project a positive image of both your business and your commitment to the environment thanks to natural, renewable components.

• Available with heavy duty beveled edging for surface mounted use or without edging for recessed applications.