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Imagine the reaction from your client when they get a piece of direct mail like this through the post! 
A 3D pop up mailer never fails to grab attention and produce results, and you’re in the hands of pop up printing experts with us.

Pop up mailers are fully customizable with a huge range of shapes and sizes to choose from and are a wonderful part of the marketing toolkit.

Without pop-ups,  direct mail pieces, flyers and brochures are too often treated like junk mail.
They are glimpsed at before being thrown aside or binned. Pop-up brochures, however, stand out. They are so unique and unexpected that they’re shown to colleagues and then proudly displayed on the desk or mantelpiece of whoever is lucky enough to be sent one.  Meaning your message is received loud and clear.

Our Interactive Printing, is important to your Advertising Campaign ?
  • Firstly, we provide you with Free Marketing Consultancy.
  • Secondly, we produce Unique Animated Printing Displays.
  • Thirdly, we produce High Quality Advertising Displays.
Printing Solutions

Video-in-print is a unique and innovative approach to traditional print advertising. With it, you can embed video screen sizes from 2.25” to 10” into your printed material to make a promotional video brochure or countless other exciting products.

Video-in-print is exactly what the name insinuates—it’s a video screen embedded into the printed pages or binding of a brochure, display, magazine, invite, etc. This affordable promotional product is the perfect way to get people talking and get your content shared.

Printing Solutions

Changing picture mailers are perfect direct mail for communicating before and after product results, change, or simply communicating a message in two stages. The interaction they create means that the respondent will spend longer looking at the direct mail and reading your marketing.

Changing picture mailers also have a great share rate, increasing your audience even further. With an imaginative graphic design applied the changing picture mailers are a fantastic source of amusement that offer high response rates, retention and sharing.

This direct mail idea piece always manages to mystify the recipient as they try and work out how the mechanism works. This direct mail piece changes a line drawing to a full color image – this is definitely one that makes more sense when viewed in action . Our designers always enjoy thinking up messages that can be communicated with this clever design; this is an intriguing mailer that communicates the benefits of color across a wide range of technologies.

Instead of sending out a flat brochure mailer, try a branded one with pop-up and slider effects! Our complex 4-panel piece are created, and showcases “pull” and “slider” functions with changing pictures, two “pop-ups,” and an interactive business card holder slot that “pops up” on the last page.

We used our 3-Phase Changing Picture design as a self-promotional mailer. The image in the middle of the die-cut window transforms 3 times as you open up each panel of the mailer.

Printing Solutions

Talking Print is recognized as an innovator in audio cards and sound chip technology for greeting cards.

We produce bespoke, on demand custom recorded greeting cards. We’ll work with you to fulfil your requirements and no brief (or budget) is too large or small. There are no limits to the concepts we can bring to life; the only limits are your imagination.

We can produce the sound modules in-house or for larger quantities, we can source them from the Far East. Delivery is as quick as your brief and budget allows. Talking Print will work with your designer and printer, offering advice and card templates, or if required, we can offer a complete in-house design and print service.

Music Greeting Cards

Talking Print’s music greetings cards are a truly innovative way to build relationships with your customers. By adding sound to your print we will help you produce a piece of marketing that cannot fail to grab the recipients attention.

With order quantities as low as one, why not personalize your dialogue with key contacts by sending them bespoke printed and recorded music greetings cards?

Cards can be triggered by pulley, push button or light. The size can be as small as a business card or as large as your imagination!

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The human sense of smell is the strongest and most primal of all our senses. It is also closely connected to memory and emotion centers in the brain. As a result, certain scents evoke certain feelings, and when we associate a scent with something, it stays with us. 

It may seem odd to add scents like leather, mown grass or baby powder to a printed piece, but consumers react to those scents. The truth is, utilizing scent in your marketing yields big dividends.

Consumers can not only SEE your printed piece, they can FEEL it and SMELL it, and when you engage multiple senses, they will REMEMBER it.

Scent printing is most effectively created with UV coatings and includes various fragrance delivery methods that can be printed on gift cards, credit cards, packaging, retail POP displays, book covers, greeting cards, postcards, brochures, magazine inserts, signs, displays, and labels:

  • Scratch-n-Sniff / Rub-n-Smell: Most people are familiar with these more common types of scent. They incorporate encapsulated fragrance into a vehicle. When scratched or rubbed, the capsules break and release the scent. However, this technology has come a long way over the years. The density of capsules and amount of fragrance released has dramatically improved, making the scent last much longer (think years) and increasing the number of interactions that release scent. These scents are best applied to coated paper stock and plastics.
  • Non-interactive Scent: these scents are applied to un-coated or coated paper stock and will emit a fragrance without being scratched or rubbed. These reach consumers whether they interact with the printed piece or not, and don’t require a “scratch here” type label.
Printing Solutions

LED Book Cover

LED Book Cover (Advertising LED Paper) for your Creative Printings and your Special Printing Operations.

LED Book Light (LED Paper) is a Programmable Light Paper that grab attention to your Printing Operation.

 Are you looking for a greeting card presentation that will grab their attention? Try adding LED lights for your corporate holiday celebrations, family milestone birthdays, theme party invitations, memorable Christmas cards.

  • There are several ways that the light can display on the card. We can custom program LED lights to flash simultaneously, chase, or randomly blink.
  • You can add music to accompany the lights to really make an even more fun presentation. LED light up cards range in size such as 4 x 6 inches, 5 x 7 inches – all the way up to this sample (video on this page) where the card size is 8.5 x 11 inches.
  • Please let us know how we can serve you with LED light up cards.
  • Remember, we bring your creative ideas to life!