Security Labels protect over 13 billion genuine products for leading global brands and governments.
Our optical imaging processes enable us to deliver reliable product authentication labels that protect against counterfeiting, tampering, or diversion.
Materials and adhesives are designed to deliver the application, performance, environmental, durability, tamper-evidence and security requirements of each program.

Security Tape provides maximum security on tampering or removal in a unique way, leaving permanent evidence of the seal.

Security Tape can be used anywhere where security is high priority including as a shrink wrap security tape or a stretch wrap security tape.

Security Tape protects and informs against unauthorized removal by leaving a clear OPENED message when removed or interfered with.

Security Tape is supplied on continuous rolls and is uniquely numbered and perforated every 150 mm.

Security Tape is tamper evident and will resist chemical and temperature attack.

Security Tape tamper proof tape is supplied on a 50 m roll and is simply used like normal packaging tape.

Security Tape tamper evident tape can be applied using a tape gun or by hand to any box, shrink wrapped pallet or carton to protect against unauthorized interference.

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