holographic print is a rendition of a hologram on a flat surface, producing 3-D (three-dimensional) effects when viewed. A holographic print differs from a traditional hologram in that the print does not require any special lighting arrangements to yield the 3-D effect.

Printing Solutions

Hologram stickers are flat adhesive labels that give the visual effect of containing a 3D image. They are often used for security purposes, as hologram sticker printing is a difficult process that can only be replicated using the original “master hologram”. To do this, specialist equipment is required, so as a result many counterfeiters are deterred when they see a hologram label.

Holograms are made on a glass plate that has been previously treated with iron oxide before being coated with photoresist. The material then creates a chemical reaction with the set light waves that are used to make the hologram. Commercial hologram manufacturers commonly use a variety of laser types, including ruby, helium-cadmium and krypton-argon ion.